Thursday, January 21, 2016

First radiation treatment

I'm pretty tired, so I'll make this quick for once. I went to my first radiation treatment today. It was a little weird, because I went alone--the first time I've gone to an appointment alone since this started. Michael and I talked it over and agreed that makes the most sense, as he would miss too much work to take me every day and it's too much to expect anyone else to do. Plus, I'm feeling well enough that there's no physical reason I can't drive myself, and the appointments are quick and no one can come in with me so it's silly to have my emotional support person go just to sit in a separate waiting area.

So after I put on my gown, I was taken into the treatment room. They got me on the table with my mold under my shoulders/arms/head and adjusted me until I was in the right position. Only my right side was taken out of the gown, so it was reasonably modest and I didn't get cold.

I had two male techs and one female, who was on lunch when I got there so I only met her at the very end. They said this would be the longest treatment because they had to get some films. They will take xrays every week moving forward. I was on the table for about 20 minutes or so, although I couldn't see a clock to really time it. There was a monitor on the ceiling with pretty pictures to look at, but I had to turn my head away from the side being treated so it was hard to really look at them. There was music playing, so I could listen to that.

One of the techs drew on me, then started the machine and I lay there for a while as it rotated around me, shone green lights on me, and made a variety of beeps and whirs. The tech came back in, drew some more, and left. More of the machine moving around and whirring and beeping, and then the woman came in to tell me I was done and could put my arms down. That's it! I wasn't even entirely sure when the filming ended and the treatment began, although perhaps it was when he drew on me the second time. I didn't feel anything from the treatment.

It was my day to see the doctor, although he had been called to the OR so I had a replacement. She felt me up, told me my skin was dry and I could use whatever lotion I had on hand for now, and sent me on my way. It was pretty quick. I am feeling pretty sleepy, but that might be because I didn't get much sleep last night.

One down, 32 to go!


  1. Ah, 32 in all. I think even if you have to stretch them you still should make the cruise. I will send good thoughts your way.


  2. 33... I'm not worried about missing the cruise. But it takes a good couple of months to recover, and I want to feel good for the trip!