Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Chemo round 3, day 1

I love watching this chain get shorter!
So far, the first day of my third round of chemo is going well. My doctor examined me and said the tumor feels like it's about 4cm now (originally 8) and is softer. That is great! Half the size after only two treatments! My blood work was good--in fact, my white blood cells have gone up since before treatment started. The neulasta is doing its job. I was a little low on potassium, so they gave me a pill (a huge pill and a half) for that. My glucose is slightly elevated, which I learned can happen with some of the drugs they give me. More exercise!

Infusion was a little faster than the first two times, although things were chaotic today because they computerized all their paperwork into a new system and the nurses were struggling. We got through it, though, and then I came home and have been resting. I have my mountain of ginger and peppermint in various forms, bottles of drugs, and my relief band ready to go as soon as I need them. In fact, I went ahead and put the band on just now because I was feeling a little delicate and I wanted to head it off.

My charm bracelet has grown! One from
my pirate for our 8th monthiversary, the treasure
chest was for my second treatment because
the one I wanted never arrived and he'd ordered
this one, and the keys for our Tahoe trip because
our antique hotel had a real key for the door.
Tahoe was awesome and relaxing. We spent most of the time there sitting on our balcony and watching people play in the sand and water. We watched the sun set and enjoyed the changing view as the colors changed and the stars came out. When things got quiet on the beach, we could hear the Elton John concert at Harrah's! Sunday we went to Zephyr Cove and took a lake cruise to Emerald Bay and back. I love being on the water, so it was absolutely delightful.

The weekend brought a scarfplosion. I only had a couple before, so I wanted to get one in Tahoe as a souvenir. I found a gorgeous teal pashmina and several overpriced silk type ones that I liked but not enough. I wanted something to remind me of Tahoe.

Then on our way out of town we stopped at CVS for the bathroom and road snacks. Next door was a little souvenir shop so we stopped in...and found one I loved, blue with fishes on it. for just $10. How could I pass that up? So I came home with two. Then I had packages in the mail...the two pirate bandannas I posted on facebook for us to wear today, a pre-tied blue one from Good Wishes Scarves (one free for cancer patients), and one from a friend--a lovely blue silk infinity scarf with the words "Not all superheros wear capes...some wear scarves." The latter was a gift from a sweet friend. It made me all misty eyed. So now I have a bunch of them to wear! Yes, I'll post pics on facebook when I wear them. :)

Tonight is date night. Keeping the magic alive, no matter what!


  1. Man, you have all the good resources for scarves and wigs! I just applied to get a wrap. I am so bad at tying scarves.

    Love your bracelet.

    1. Sweet! And thank you. :) I watched a couple YouTube videos and they showed us a couple in that class, but really you can just tie it in a square knot. You don't have to get fancy.