Friday, August 7, 2015

Cancer is complicated

We cancer patients talk a lot about all the doctor's appointments, diet restrictions, changes to our bodies, side effects, treatment options, how every cancer--even in the same organ sometimes--are different, etc. It's a complicated subject. And then sometimes you run into situations where you realize it's changed yet another aspect of life.

Michael and I decided to take a little trip up to Lake Tahoe this weekend. Just Saturday and Sunday, a little away time together to connect, relax, and enjoy some beautiful scenery. Normally, packing for such a thing would be a breeze. One change of clothes, toiletries, and go. If I forget something, who cares? It's two days.

Not with cancer. I have to make sure I cover every contingency. I don't normally have any pain, but I don't want to leave the meds at home, just in case. And a sleeping pill, because I can't always sleep in a strange place and I can't afford to lose sleep. I cannot forget sunscreen. Something to cover my head. Should I bring the wig or just wear a scarf?

I have to figure out how to bring salt and baking soda so I can do my mouth washes--and I can't blow them off while I'm there or I'll regret it. Better take some floss, too. Snacks because I need to make sure to get enough protein. What else?

Anyway, it'll be fun to get out of this house and breathe some different air. Pretend I'm not sick, although I have to make sure I don't overdo it and wipe myself out. Looking forward to it! I'll have my phone so I'll still be accessible, but I think I'll leave my computer at home and not do any work. It can wait a couple days, and so can this blog.

Have a good weekend...I know I will!

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  1. Probably nothing better for you than to enjoy a change of scenery and air with a loved one - and as much as possible, to be 'normal'; living with cancer, not dying with cancer. Yay you!