Friday, July 10, 2015

Things are moving right along

The busy week continues. I went in first thing this morning for the heart scan, which I believe is to make sure my heart stands up to the toxic chemicals they'll start pumping through me next week. It involved an IV....the fourth this week, third day in a row, all in the same vein since I really only have one good one for that. It's getting a bit sore!

Then we went to the apartment to rest a bit and the surgeon's office called to schedule surgery to insert the port. That will be first thing Monday morning, and oh...we need you to do labs TODAY in preparation. Good thing we hadn't driven the 15 or 20 miles or whatever back to the house! So back to Sutter we went for yet another blood draw and pee in a cup. That makes five needle sticks this week, which made me a little cranky. Luckily, since it was just a draw they were able to use a vein in my other arm. And she was mercifully fast. I told her I loved her. She said I was the second person today to tell her that. I feel like a human pincushion. And it's only just begun...

The infusion center called to set up my first chemo appointment, but then when I called them back they said I need to talk to the oncologist's nurse first, who will go over everything: which drugs I'll get, how it all works, etc. I'm still waiting for her call so I sent a message following up. The genetic counselor office called to set up the BRCA testing, but I haven't called her back yet.

I'll make a side note here...Sutter Health is a pretty amazing organization. We've visited four of their buildings so far, and they have a ton more. Huge buildings. Amazing technology. The machines I've seen just this week are quite impressive. The advances in medicine in the past few years are just staggering! Also, I've been super happy with the staff, for the most part. Efficient, sympathetic, giving me all the information I can stand. Other than the whole cancer thing, it's been been a great experience.

Update: chemo starts Wednesday at 8am.

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  1. I feel you on the pin cushion aspect of things. I got four sticks my last regular blood work check up. :) I hope that part of it calms down for you soon.