Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Going, going, gone

I've been awake since 4am for no particular reason. This is a pattern of mine...go to sleep, wake up to use the bathroom and can't go back to sleep. Sleep aids don't help. Hopefully after I get this written I'll feel sleepy and can get a few more hours in.

Sunday I reported I hadn't noticed any hair loss. That night, I realized my hair kept tangling/matting. When I ran my fingers through to detangle it, a few hairs would come out. I wondered if it was beginning. Yesterday, it got a little worse. Every time I ran my fingers through my hair, there would be a tangle or two and hair would come out. I could grab a lock and run my fingers down it, and hair would come out. Definitely more than what I would normally have. And, I think my dancer and horse friends will understand this feeling: it felt like I'd had my hair in a tight bun all day. A mild, but annoying, ache.

So I had to make a fast decision, because I had hoped to hold onto my hair for as long as possible but shave it once it started to rain and drive me crazy--before it started falling out in clumps and looking awful. However, my next chemo treatment is Wednesday-tomorrow-and after that I won't want anyone to touch me for a few days. So I decided I'd better take care of it today.

Michael's daughter had a fun idea: that we should do a funeral for my hair, so we decided to throw together a party with about 24 hours' notice. People can come, eat, talk, laugh, and we'll shave my head. We stopped at Michaels (the craft store) and they, amazingly, had Halloween decorations already so we found a little coffin and headstone and Kortni decorated them. Should be fun. Come if you can...there's an event on facebook.

In a way, I'm looking forward to it, and I'm relieved it's finally happening. I felt the same way about the diagnosis and beginning of chemo. All the anticipation of when and what and how will be over, and I can just move on. and this ache in my scalp should go away.

I went to the Look Good Feel Better class yesterday. I didn't learn much in the way of makeup tips I didn't already know (except putting little dots to make it look sort of like you have eyelashes when you don't), but I did learn about how I need to keep my products more sanitary, swap them out more often, wash my makeup brushes, etc, so that was good to know. I also learned how to do a couple of scarf ties that look cute. Although that part was all watching, no doing, so we'll see if I remember. They talked about wig care, so that was good. I would say it's a worthwhile class...especially since I got a whole bunch of makeup and skin care for free!

I will try to get pictures tonight, as well as when I wear wigs and scarves and things so I can share. It'll be fun to dress up my head in different ways!

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  1. I hope the party goes well. Sorry you had to do it this soon but I'm glad you are able to make an event of it.