Wednesday, March 30, 2016


My hair, 22 weeks PFC. I decided to spike it
with some gel. Not sure if I like it!
Short on time today, but I realized I haven't posted in about two weeks so I thought I'd do a quick update. It's been just over three weeks since my last radiation treatment (boy, does time go fast!). I'm exercising every day, either by riding my bike or taking a walk or doing light weights. Today I added some slow run intervals to my walk. My energy is really good, although my stamina has a long way to go. Monday, I was able to do tango class and then three songs of practice afterward, where last week the class was all I could manage. Yesterday, I rode my bike for 20 minutes (3.1 miles) in the afternoon, then in the evening went to tap class and then to the park where there were food trucks for dinner. Still had energy when I got home!

Really enjoying both piano and tap, by the way. Super fun.

I still don't have my prosthetic, although I'm just a little too tender yet to wear a bra even if I had it. As I suspected, the ones the lady ordered for me did not fit. I go back tomorrow to see how she did on the reorder. My skin continues to improve, and is now just kind of tan where I was treated--I'm all done peeling. I do seem to have developed some tendinitis in my shoulders, so I'm trying ibuprofen and gentle stretching to see if I can improve that. Apparently it's a common problem.

That's all I've got today!

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