Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Boost me, baby!

18 weeks post final chemo

I'm going to keep this brief (famous last words), because typing is pretty uncomfortable at this point. Today I had the first of five "boosts," where they target just the area with the highest risk of recurrence, which is the tumor bed. It's right around my incision site, where there's not much feeling, so if I get even crispier or blister I won't really feel it. These treatments are much shorter: just two zaps instead of the four or five I had before, so it's less time on the table with my arms uncomfortably over my head.

Under my arm it's like a piece of raw meat. If I can hold still, it's ok. If I move my arm, it can be downright excruciating. Yes, I am aware they make aloe and a variety of other creams, and I use several. None of them actually stop you from burning, they just make it more bearable. Except the raw skin burns when I put anything on it, so the nurse said to leave it alone until it scabs over. Try to keep my arm up so nothing is touching it and air can get to it. That's basically all I can do until it heals. Thankfully, that area is no longer being irradiated, so it can start healing now, but it will take at least a week and may get worse yet before it gets better.

I like my meat rare, but this is ridiculous!
My energy level is not bad. I could actually drive myself to treatment, but we decided Michael will come with me until it's done so I have the moral support. Other than the physical discomfort, I feel OK.

My hair continues to grow, and I had to buy a hairbrush. It's reaching an awkward in-between length where it might need some shaping or styling soon. I'm not sure what to do with it. However, I'm enjoying watching it come in!

Just four more of these shorter treatments, and I'm done! FOUR. That's cake, right? Still trying to decide what I want to do for a party...

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