Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The bright side of cancer

I have to write this post now, before things start getting hard, while I can still look at the bright side. If you hear me moaning and groaning and wallowing in dark thoughts, please remind me of this post! Feel free to add to it.

While cancer is a terrible thing, there are some positives:

  • I have never felt more loved. 
  • I know just how amazing my friends and family are, and I'm making new ones left and right.
  • Maybe I'll get new boobs out of the deal. Maybe just a tiny bit bigger and nicer. Maybe they'll take some belly fat to make them.
  • Thinking about dying my hair crazy colors before I lose it. I would never do that normally.
  • Maybe I'll lose some weight.
  • I've learned a ton about cancer and the options available to women in a short period of time. More to come!
  • I'll have an excuse to wear scarves. I've always loved them, but not being much of an accessorizer I never wear them. And maybe hats.
  • I'm learning to tell people I love them a little more often.
  • Women I know and care about are getting mammograms because of me.
  • I am learning to not only accept help, but ask for it.
  • I will have an excuse to take time off from work and devote time to my books, reading, etc.
  • I'm feeling motivated to eat healthier.
  • While I'm undergoing chemo, I won't have to shave, wash my hair, or deal with periods. 
That's all I have for now, but it's a longer list than I thought I had when I started writing this post!

PS....Michael found this. what do you think?


  1. What a great list! Thinking positive is the way to go. So much more beneficial than the negative. Of course there will be dark days as is to be expected, but just know many people are there for you and supporting you. I don't know you all that well and live far from you in Ontario, but I'm reaching out over the Internet to give a bit of support and encouragement. Every little bit helps! Keep thinking positive, Girl!

  2. You can also get free housecleaning if you are getting chemo!

  3. It's a great excuse to buy cute new lounge wear!

  4. #3 made me laugh at the library, attracting some stares.

  5. Great list. That hair is gorgeous to--do it, do it!

  6. Agree! Go for the hair!!! and post pics.

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  9. Love the list! Go for the hair! I love the pic Michael found! Looking forward to pics of the new hair!

  10. Hang tough Jennifer. Blue hair would be a good color on you! You are in my thoughts!

  11. Awesome outlook! Yes get the hair! Mine was purple las fall... Just for fun and I loved it.