Friday, February 12, 2016

Over halfway!

I was looking forward to getting through treatment today, because #17 would put me over the halfway mark. Then, last night when I was lying awake not sleeping after an evening of throwing up and generally feeling lousy (not really sure why), I was counting days and realized that my end date, March 2, is only about 2.5 weeks away, or 14 treatment days including today.

When I first met with my radiation oncologist back in October, he said I'd have 30-33 treatments and that he'd make sure I blistered in order to make sure the skin is good and cooked. Pessimistically, I said, "So, 33?" and he nodded. So, I've been assuming I'd have 33 treatments all along. But last night I realized I'm only scheduled for 30. And when he examined me yesterday, he said with my fair skin I'm burning so fast he sees no reason why he should have to extend my treatment, because I should blister with no problem. Yay? Anyway, so that means I only have 30 treatments. The end date is the same as I already knew it was (unless I have to take a break to let my skin heal), but the difference is that now I realize I passed the halfway mark on Wednesday. And I only have 13 treatments left! That's not so bad, is it?

So I'm feeling better today, although my stomach is still a little delicate so I'm still taking anti-nausea meds. The general crappy feeling is definitely improved. But, I'm still exhausted. I'm exhausted every day. So, I'm going to wrap this up and see if I can take a nap.

Have a good weekend, and Happy Valentine's Day!

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