Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Still so tired

Tomorrow I go in for chemo #5, the first of my Taxol infusions. The first three treatments, I would feel pretty decent after about a week. This last time, the fatigue hit me pretty hard. I'll be OK for a few hours in the morning, but start to fade by afternoon and am pretty useless in the evening. I did manage to go out on Saturday with a couple friends. Got a new wig and had a great lunch. I'll post pics of the wig after I get it styled.

The fatigue is getting old.  It's probably because my red blood cell, hematocrit, and hemoglobin counts were all a little low last time and now they're probably lower. I hope it doesn't become a problem. I'm bummed that chemo starts again tomorrow with no really good days. However, the Taxol is supposed to be easier so maybe I'll bounce back.

I'm still not sleeping enough. Before you give me advice on how to fall asleep, I've already heard it. I've struggled with sleep my whole life. I'm now on my second type of sleep med since starting chemo (first was Temazapam and now Ambien). They don't knock me out but do help me fall asleep. The problem is I wake up to use the bathroom around 6am (sometimes earlier) and can't go back to sleep. I'm trying to get to bed earlier but don't always manage it. I'm sure that's not helping. Sometimes I can nap and sometimes I can't.

Otherwise, things are going along OK. The tumor feels like it's maybe 2-2.5cm now. It's oddly shaped so it's hard to measure because it feels like it's getting flatter faster than it is losing diameter. I'll see what the doc thinks of it tomorrow. My hair is still patchy instead of the pretty, smooth bald. I wonder if the Taxol will cause the stubble to fall out?

The house cleaners are here today so I'll have a nice clean house for the next few days (btw, a bunch of you told me about Cleaning For a Reason--yes I know about them, no they don't service my area, but some generous friends chipped in for a cleaner and she's giving us a deal. Thanks for thinking of me, though).

Thanks for hanging in here with me, and I'll take all the positive thoughts and virtual hugs I can get for tomorrow!

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